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Lite/Free Generator
A free online random codes generator tool suitable for most small jobs.
  • Simple tool meeting basic needs.
  • Limited quantity and features.
  • CSV File Download
  • Free Online Generator
Secure Codes System
A secure online system to generate your own unique random codes.
  • Non-Sequential
  • 100% Unique & Random
  • Compatible Text CSV Export
  • Free & Paid Accounts Available
Enterprise Service
A fast quality guaranteed service to producing unique random codes directly to you.
  • Direct 1-on-1 Service
  • Comm: Skype, Phone, Email
  • Fast Order Service
  • Secure SSL Delivery


Unique random codes filtered to be non-sequential and added code-separation to increase guess difficulty.
  • Non-Sequential Non-Consecutive
  • Code Separation Filter
  • 100% Unique & Random
Custom Codes
Customise your codes the way you want them.
  • Custom Include Characters
  • Exclude Characters
  • Special Characters "-"
  • Code Prefix
  • Code Suffix
Save $ - Secure DIY
Save time and money with the Secure System. The online system gives you power to generate custom unique codes without the lengthy processes of; ordering, quoting, delivery.
  • Save $ using DIY Secure System
Thousands, Millions
The online code generators can produce thousands, to millions of unique random codes. Secure System allows you to generate thousands/millions of random codes.
  • Lite/Free: Limited, Thousands
  • Secure System: Millions
  • Enterprise: No Limit
100% Unique
All solutions produce Unique Random Codes, guaranteed. No duplicate codes in any one random codes job.
Note: Secure System and Enterprise solutions include added feature of non-consecutive codes.
Compatibility & Portability
Files output, download, export or delivered by us are all very portable and compatible.
  • Excel Compatible CSV
  • Pure ASCII Text
  • Mac, PC, Linux
  • Supported by all printing houses